The Enchanting Ceylon Getaways distinction can be witnessed in how we handle your needs. We provide tailor made and memorable itineraries for our discerning guests by selecting only the finest hotels, the most competent guides and the most luxurious vehicles that Sri Lanka has to offer.

We aim to cater to the needs of all our guests. Our in-house language specialists ensure that your booking will be handled in your preferred language.

Choose an established tour operator you can trust

Whether you are a first-time adventure seeker or a seasoned independent traveller, we can help you to discover Sri Lanka’s most amazing people and places, cultures and landscapes.

Relax... we'll deal with the logistics

On our tours you are completely free from the hassle of booking your own accommodation, organizing your own transport, finding your own excursions with quality guides.

Quality and value

We take great care to ensure that our tours are the best value for money in the business, and we know that outstanding value means ensuring that all of the ingredients are right, not just the price.

Our way of handling holidays combines singular service — such as a private hiking trails through the Knuckles mountain range, or a maximum group size of only 10 guests on each Whale watching expedition— with insider-access never experienced before. Enchanting Ceylon Getaways lets you discover Sri Lanka through the eyes of its people, and introduces you to our way of life firsthand.

Enchanting Ceylon Getaways aims to go beyond being just another travel provider, our approach ensures that we provide you with that additional extra and unexpected experience that ensures your holiday in Sri Lanka becomes unique and unforgettable.

Providing magical experiences is made possible by our expert sales and operations teams who are on call around the clock. With expertise in luxury, culture, wildlife and history, Enchanting Ceylon Getaways helps you discover Sri Lanka with an authenticity unparallel to any other tour company in Sri Lanka.